Missouri Wind And Solar Podcast

Wind and Solar System Maintenance

May 27, 2019

The Missouri Wind and Solar team discuss many of the common maintenance needs of your alternative energy system.

Regular Things to Check:

Wind Turbine Maintenance:

  • Check for twisted wires
  • Check wire connections
    • make sure there are no cracks in the wire or loose connections
  • Shaft nut tightness
    • make sure the shaft nut is securely in place
    • *you can add a little blue Loctite to ensure it stays where it should
    • check your lock washer to make sure it's in good shape
  • Blade inspection
    • check to make sure nuts and bolts are snug
  • Check for corrosion on the slip ring
  • Check the PMG for anything inside the case or corrosion of any kind

Consider Replacing:

  • Mechanical relays after 3 years
  • Yaw bearings after 2 years

Solar Panels

  • Adjust solar panel angle
  • Wipe the solar panels to remove dirt
  • Clean frost from your panels
    • A water/alcohol mixture does the trick
  • Make sure your charge controller is adequate
    • Solar panels can produce about 10% more in winter months

Pond Aeration

  • Add a check valve to the hose in your pond aeration kit
  • Make sure diffuser rings are not plugged with debris

Originally aired 11/20/2018

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