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Tech Tip Tuesday Treasury

May 27, 2019

Today's podcast is a treasury of tips provided from our Facebook feature, "Tech Tip Tuesday." Wyatt, David, and Wes relive some of the top tips that we've published there and discussed them in detail. Don't forget - if you have a tip or would like us to research a burning question you might have, email us at radio@mwands.com.

If you want to see past tech tips, you can search our Facebook posts for Quick Tip Tuesday. Our tech tips come from our experienced staff that spends time in R&D, living off-grid, and talking to countless customers about common problems or misconceptions out there. You never know what tip is going to help make your system better or solve a pain point in your off-grid or grid-tied system, so don't miss a single one.

Topics discussed in today's podcast:

  • Wire size - heats up, just like an incandescent light bulb
  • Duty cycle - for appliances that don't run 24/7
  • Inverter sizing - surge ratings
  • Water heating - sediment and efficiency
  • Batteries - age, size, and maintenance
  • Battery Desulfation & Desulfator Charger
  • Lightning - protecting your system with a simple kink
  • Charge controllers - two may be better than one

And don't forget, you can always use a Kill-a-Watt Meter.  Lucy's doggy chicken treats depend on it.

Originally aired 6/6/2018

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