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Solar Panel Angle & 3 Phase Output

May 27, 2019

Three Phase Power

In today's podcast, Wes and David discuss the inner workings of three phase power. Wes finally gains an understanding of what happens with each of the three phases. David explains the process and benefits of three phase output that is common in power generators.  David also gives a quick tip on how to check voltage output from the PMG to make sure it's in good working order.

Your wire runs on three phase AC face less power loss and tend to be less expensive than DC cable. Our Missouri Wind and Solar wind turbines have the bridge rectifiers separate from the PMG, allowing you to install it much closer to the battery bank to save money and improve efficiency in your system.  Another positive aspect of an external rectifier is that you can easily test it for proper function and it keeps additional heat out of the PMA or PMG case!

Solar Panel Angle - Changes throughout the seasons

Changing gears quite a bit, the second topic of the podcast moves away from wind turbines and over to solar panels. Did you know that the ideal angle on your solar panel can range over 30 degrees depending on the time of the year? Do you install your solar panel and leave it at the same position year round?  You might not be getting the optimal output of what your solar panel can produce.

To check your ideal solar panel angle for your geographical location, use the solar angle calculator at solarelectricityhandbook.com.  You'll enter the country and the nearest city to you to get started.  Don't forget to make notes of the ideal vertical angle at different seasonal points during the year!

Our solar time tracker features dual actuators to adjust not just the east/west angle of the panels but also the north/south angle to improve the efficiency and output of a 12 panel array by 30-40% over a fixed rack. For a smaller option, our solar panel Top of Pole mounts also allow you to adjust the angle of your panels throughout the year.

Originally aired 8/9/2018

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