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Battery Maintenance

May 27, 2019

Wes and David revisit the most listened to topic to date: batteries. A major component of this week's podcast is a review of battery maintenance.  Batteries are a costly investment in your system, maintenance is a key factor in maintaining performance and longevity.  David & Wes discuss some of the tools you should use to keep them at their peak and some steps you should take to maintain them.

For flooded lead acid battery maintenance, use distilled water to refill any water that's evaporated during normal usage.  This is where a MidNite Solar battery hydrometer can be a useful tool to keep an eye on electrolytes and specific gravity of the batteries.  Incorporating a battery desulfator will prevent sulfates from building up on the internal plates.  Battery maintenance is key to protect your investment.

Keep your batteries extreme temperature swings as much as possible and never allow them to freeze.  There should also be plenty of ventilation for the gases that are produced by the batteries (we recommend this DC fan).

Here are some links to our favorite products for keeping your batteries in tip-top shape:

Other products mentioned in this episode:

To listen to our first podcast on batteries, click here.

For video, you can watch our Batteries for the Beginner video on YouTube.  If you want even more battery information, you can find articles and diagrams here.

Originally aired 1/3/2018

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